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Project Description

General Rules of The Championship

The competitions at the World Testicle Cooking Championship include the following:

    1. Tastiest dish – it is preferable to prepare a goulash of testicles in a traditional clay pot
    2. The most powerful aphrodisiacs – a special jury, i.e. specialized teams, check aphrodisiac effects in a separate camp, which is used exclusively for that purpose. If you have the courage, you can spend the night alone in the camp, with a special license and personal responsibility.
    3 “The Ballsiest Man in The World” – each year, we choose the bravest man on the planet.

  • It is estimated exclusively goulash made of the testicles meat, without the addition of other types of meat except glands.
  •  It is preferable to prepare food in earthen pots (clay pan, baking lid, pot …)
  •  You can register only one testicle specialty that will be formally evaluated.
  •  The revue part of the competition, make specialties of the testicles by your choice where you enter the battle for innovation arrangement …
  •  Meals are prepared exclusively on open fire – heat, without the use of gas and electricity.
  •  The participants, during the event are wearing the official t-shirts that have a particular characteristic, and to them, you can add your own    additional features (the name of the team, sponsors …)
  •  T-shirts order at E mail: info(at)ballcup(dot)com
  •  Buying t-shirts you are contributing to the festival and making richer prize fund.
  •  Register your team maximum 10 days before festival.

Be careful when tasting these specialties at the championship! The reaction that follows requires some efforts, how to control the boost of pure energy . You’ll need a very good condition in the wood, car, camp or field. Take care of it! If you need assistance, please contact one of the attendees.

The Scots have Scotch, the Swiss have cheese, and we Serbs have balls and World Testicle Festival ! Why shouldn’t we represent them to the world as a real Serbian trademark speciality from Shumadija?

Testicles are known as a „strong“ food, rich with minerals, fat and testosterone. Small quantities are enough to satisfy the apetite. At the same time, it is enough to ruffle your mind, especially when combined with homemade wine, „Cooking with Balls“ music and a great atmosphere! Testicles are also known as an extraordinary aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy – a fact based on the experiences of people who had the opportunity to try such a meal.

Testicles are the only meat you eat and donator Animal is still alive!

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