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About Championship

All these years of the BallCup existence, many different testicle delicacies were prepared. They were all very tasty and lot of effort and extraordinary coolinary skills have been invested in preparation of each of them. When you have the opportunity to watch the preparation of these meals, you begin to understand that testicle delicacies have great look, smell and taste. It is a meal that has been prepared since ancient times, served on European courts. Only testicles of eatable animals are used; so far we had testicle meals of 19 different animals: stallion, bull, ostrich, boar (hog), donkey, kangaroo, rabbit, deer, shark, ram… and, of course, swan (There’s an expression in Serbian: Muda od labuda, Balls of a swan, meaning)

The championship is always held on the first weekend after August 28 th and lasts for three days.

The teams’ meals will be evaluated and rated by an international jury, headed by the president of the jury Anna Wexler, an Israely journalist and coolinary expert, who is presiding the World Testicle Cooking Championship’s jury for three years.

The general impression of teams will be judged by the public and media. Curious visitors will be in charge of choosing the most stimulative delicacy, i.e. the one that works the best as an aphrodisiac. A team with the tastiest delicacy and, at the same time, the most original public appearance will become the BallCup champion . Besides the awards, the champion will get the cup that will remain with the team until it is challenged again to defend the title, at the next year’s WTCS.
The winners of the Championship will get great public attention, since the world is eagerly awaiting the next festival’s winner!
Traditional Serbian music will be played as well as rock’n’roll. Ljubomir R. Erovic, the creator and organizer, performe a rock concert with his own band – jazz, evergreen, rock’n’roll, hard rock capture the attention of all visitors.
Traditional Serbian dishes will be served, handicrafts and Serbian folklore presented, home-made plum-brandy will be drunk… If you decide to be the part of this championship, you will have an opportunity to see and feel the true Serbia and traditional hospitality. World Testicle Cooking Championship is an ideal place for you to have fun, make new friendships, listen to good music, eat healthy food, camp in the peaceful, natural and non-polluted environment, where there’s no modern hotels and luxury, no arguments and fights.

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