• World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship

14th Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship


Next festival: September 01-03, 2017 in village Lipovica, Despotovac, Serbia

The Scots have Scotch, the Swiss have cheese, and we Serbs have balls! Why shouldn’t we represent them to the world as a real Serbian trademark speciality from Shumadija? - 2005.


Creator and organizer Ljubomir R. Erović had the balls to give a new dimension to preparing food. The first World Championship in Cooking Aphrodisiacs and Testicle Specialites was held on October 30th, 2004. Testicle specialties are an extremely strong aphrodisiac; they improve libido, awaken primal instincts, and give men strength. Women can enjoy this food without worrying because it forms the gluteus, a specialty of the testicles do not stimulate hair growth on women. After eating, physical activity is recommended, in order to spend the positive energy.

Many of us still do not realize the impact of food on the sex life. Food and sex have been connected throughout whole human history. The old adage "full stomach, penis rises" in itself has quite the truth. Healthy food is a way to better sex.

We interviewed the festival visitors, competitors, and those who have used the recipes from Erovic's The Testicle Cookbook. Respondents, who ranged in age from 28 to 76, noted success in bed after consuming food from the testicles. Our female colleagues have discussed with the fairer sex. Before going to bed with partner, woman knows what the partner ate. The answer of success in bed is brief diplomatic: "It was different." We will not publish detailed experiences.

As a result of the festival there was a digital recipe book, The Testicle Cookbook, written by Ljubomir Erović. It was published by the London YUDU MEDIA in 2008 and briefly became an international sensation.

"IF something funny does not mean it's not serious." - Jon Gnafr, Mayor of Raykjavik

In a very efficient way, people from various countries and cultures would present their national food, their culture, and "cross the swords" with other competitors from each corner of this planet. Do not think that it would be enough for the World Champion title to charm the jury, experts or public with the taste of your meal; much more is needed -- original presentation of you and your team. This is very funny but in the same time serious cooking competition - think about it!



The winner of 2014. award was president of Russian federation Vladimir Putnik. Voting was public through our website. Winner for 2013. was Edward Snowden, 2012. Felix Baumgartner, 2011. Julian Assange and first winner president of US Barack Obama.

More about reward 'The ballsiest man in the world'

The championship is always held on the last weekend of August and lasts for three days. On the first day (Friday) BallsCup Camp is set up by the competitors. Beside this one, there's another camp for the visitors who don't want to participate, but to be part of it by testing the specialties and sharing their experiences or gaining new ones with the cooks.

On the following day (Saturday), in the afternoon hours the competition takes place, and the winners are announced. Visitors can enjoy the various music, and rock concert are held late in the evening.

Sunday is the day when everybody gathers around a feast prepared by the winning team, thus marking the end of the competition.

In the previous 10 years of the BallCup existence, many different testicle delicacies were prepared. They were all very tasty and lot of effort and extraordinary coolinary skills have been invested in preparation of each of them. When you have the opportunity to watch the preparation of these meals, you begin to understand that testicle delicacies have great look, smell and taste. It is a meal that has been prepared since ancient times, served on European courts. Only testicles of eatable animals are used; so far we had testicle meals of 16 different animals: stallion, bull, ostrich, boar (hog), donkey, kangaroo, rabbit, deer, shark, ram... and, of course, swan (There’s an expression in Serbian: Muda od labuda, Balls of a swan, meaning)

The teams’ meals will be evaluated and rated by an international jury, headed by the president of the jury Anna Wexler, an Israely journalist and coolinary expert, who is presiding the World Testicle Cooking Championship’s jury for three years. (You can see the members of the jury here.)

The general impression of teams will be judged by the public and media. Curious visitors will be in charge of choosing the most stimulative delicacy, i.e. the one that works the best as an aphrodisiac. A team with the tastiest delicacy and, at the same time, the most original public appearance will become the BallCup champion for 2013. Besides the awards, the champion will get the cup that will remain with the team until it is challenged again to defend the title, at the next year’s WTCS.

The winners of the Championship will get great public attention, since the world is eagerly awaiting the next festival’s winner!

Traditional Serbian music will be played as well as rock'n'roll. Ljubomir R. Erovic, the creator and organizer, performe a rock concert with his own band - jazz, evergreen, rock'n'roll, hard rock capture the attention of all visitors.

Traditional Serbian dishes will be served, handicrafts and Serbian folklore presented, home-made plum-brandy will be drunk... If you decide to be the part of this championship, you will have an opportunity to see and feel the true Serbia and traditional hospitality. World Testicle Cooking Championship is an ideal place for you to have fun, make new friendships, listen to good music, eat healthy food, camp in the peaceful, natural and non-polluted environment, where there's no modern hotels and luxury, no arguments and fights.

The competitions at the World Testicle Cooking Championship include the following:

1. Tastiest dish - it is preferable to prepare a goulash of testicles in a traditional clay pot
2. The most powerful aphrodisiacs - a special jury, i.e. specialized teams, check aphrodisiac effects in a separate camp, which is used exclusively for that purpose. If you have the courage, you can spend the night alone in the camp, with a special license and personal responsibility.
3 "The Ballsiest Man in The World" - each year, we choose the bravest man on the planet. The first winners were President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama, who facec challenges during the time of great global economic crisis, and the pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who managed to safely land in the Hudson River after engine failure, and saved the lives of dozens of passengers.

Each competition is richer for a new idea, of the testicles and unknown spices. All these years of WTCC we had 18 different types of testicles: a bull, a ram, a donkey, bear, shark, rooster, ostrich, deer, roe deer, reindeer, wild boar, kangaroo, stallion, goat, badger, mouflon and turkey .

We are invite you to show determination, courage and energy visiting our festival. Do you have the balls?


Festival organizes ngo 'Mud®ijada - Ljubomir Erovic' from Gornji Milanovac, Serbia 2004 - 2017

Remaining time to FESTIVAL 2016
02.09.2016 - 16:00 o'clock



Be careful when tasting these specialties at the championship! The reaction that follows requires some efforts, how to control the boost of pure energy . You'll need a very good condition in the wood, car, camp or field. Take care of it! If you need assistance, please contact one of the attendees.

Testicles are known as a „strong“ food, rich with minerals, fat and testosterone. Small quantities are enough to satisfy the apetite. At the same time, it is enough to ruffle your mind, especially when combined with homemade wine, „Cooking with Balls“ music and a great atmosphere! Testicles are also known as an extraordinary aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy – a fact based on the experiences of people who had the opportunity to try such a meal.


We love and respect animals. We don’t kill animals in order to use their testicles. We buy them in a butcher’s like you would buy any other meat.

When animals are castrated, or when their testicles are removed, they can fatten up more quickly and reach certain weight. Only then they are ready for slaughtering. This is how the meat processing industry works and makes profit. Please remember that this is a normal, standard practice around the world.

It is difficult to buy or get testicles, and that’s why it is a specialty.

Testicles are the only meat you eat and donator Animal is still alive!