* It is estimated exclusively goulash made of the testicles meat, without the addition of other types of meat except glands.

* It is preferable to prepare food in earthen pots (clay pan, baking lid, pot …)

* You can register only one testicle specialty that will be formally evaluated.

* The revue part of the competition, make specialties of the testicles by your choice where you enter the battle for innovation arrangement …

* Meals are prepared exclusively on open fire – heat, without the use of gas and electricity.

* The participants, during the event are wearing the official t-shirts that have a particular characteristic, and to them, you can add your own additional features (the name of the team, sponsors …)

* T-shirts order at E mail:

* Buying t-shirts you are contributing to the festival and making richer prize fund.

* Register your team maximum 10 days before festival.

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