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Festival founder and the world best testicle chef

An interview
1.What’s your personal story? How did you get an idea to prepare this kind of food?

E ver since I was a little boy I listened to the elderly talking about testicles, when well prepared and cooked, can stimulate sexual activities.
It seemed funny and stupid to me then, until as a grown up man I tasted delicious goulash at a party sometime at the end of the ‘80s.
I was told that it was a rabbit goulash. I couldn’t sleep that very night because I became incredibly aroused and felt a real “charge of positive energy“ that I had to use somehow. I had never experienced anything like that before.

The next day, after the wild night, I found out from a friend that the dish we ate was testicle goulash.
I suddenly realized that it could be a great way to help the sexually troubled ones .
The way to better sexual life through food and not drugs is the idea that keeps running through my mind.

I’ve been preparing traditional Balkan testicles dishes for the last 30 years. I’ve learnt these recipes from my mother, from my Nan and my friends.

2.How do the cooked testicles taste like? What testicles actually contain?

W hen people try new food they are usually told that it tastes like chicken. But, testicles really don’t taste like chicken. It tastes more like game meat for example, deer goulash or wild rabbit, as it has a strong and distinctive taste.
Testicles are rich with testosterones, calories and minerals. Please bear in mind that some of those dishes, goulash in particular, should not be on a regular daily menu as they are very rich and fattening. But, it’s for good sex life.

3.Is it true that testicles can be a good an alternative to Viagra or Cialis?

Y es, it is true that testicles dishes can be alternative to synthetic drugs like Viagra, and what is more important they is healthier . My friends and I tested effects of these specialities .
Try my goulash and you’ll feel an extraordinary energy that you want to share in bed with the person you love. It doesn’t works just mechanically but holistically – it also gives you this glowing , nice feeling in your body and your mind. For preparing the testicles goulash I also use lots of herbs that I find in my garden or in the hills around the town where I live, for example, thyme , milfoil, basil . What is also important to know is that these specialties go well with home-made brandy and wine. It is not scientifically proven that testicles improve sexual life, but I truly believe that they do, ask me and other people who tried them.

4.What kind of reaction is your book getting?

T he reactions vary. Some people are shocked by the book, but majority think that it is all normal. I get emails from people asking me to add new recipes or asking me how and when to consume the dishes. It is surprising that the book is mainly bought by women. I don’t know the reason behind this – is it to do with the aphrodisiac properties of the dishes or just out of curiosity. I have no idea. You have to understand that this kind of food is like any other food.

5.Is preparing testicles dishes dying tradition or it has always been strong?

T esticles have been consumed since the time immemorial not only here in Serbia and the Balkans but around the world but it became forgotten with modern fast food. I feel I’ve resurrected that long tradition not only with this book of recipes but also with organizing annual World Testicles Championship.

Cooking With Balls

Ljubomir R Erovic

Mira Bobic Mojsilovic i Ljubomir Erovic.
We eat crabs and fish!
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The World’s First Testicle Cookbook

Ljubomir Erovic, the chef behind the book, said testicles are rich in testosterone and are believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac in China as well as his homeland of Serbia.
The collection, made available by e-book publishers YUDU, features testicles from several different animals, including stallions, ostriches, bulls, pigs and turkeys.
“Wash testicles thoroughly for 30-45 minutes,” begins the recipe for testicles pie. “Once softened, mince them in a mincer.”

Ljubomir Erovic


Ljubomir R Erovic hes been cooking testicles for over 30 years.

He is the founder, organizer and driving force behind The World Testicle And Aphrodisiacs Cooking Championship, which has been held annually in his native Serbia since 2004.

Since founding the championship he has appeared on national television in Serbia and in media across the world.

Ljubomir was born in Gornji Milanovac, in the Shumadija region in central Serbia. He both graduated Engineering Colege and also attended a music academy. He played music professionally until 1998 mainly evergreen and jazz.

When not cooking or eating testicles, or helping others to do so, he now runs a company involved in the maintenance og medical and dental equipment.

He is married with one daughter.

“Rich in testosterone, the politely nicknamed “white kidneys” have been considered a strong aphrodisiac and in some countries are believed to cure impotence if eaten on a regular basis. Even the ancient Greeks believed that eating sheep’s testicles before battle made a man stronger, Erovic says.”

Serbian testicle chef offers world “good balls”


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