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That is the WTCC Festival’s light motive,

Besides The Essential One:

The Scots have Scotch, the Swiss have cheese, and we Serbs have balls! Why shouldn’t we sell them to the world as a real Serbian trademark specialty from Shumadija?’

N o one could guess that this championship would experience worldwide glory. The competition took place on October 30, 2004 and then over 600 internet sites and famous media companies announced that the first WORLD TESTICLE COOKING CHAMPIONSHIP had been held.
Since then, cooks from all over the world – Norway,  Finland, Republic of Serpska, Macedonia, Australia, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, the USA, Canada, Hungary have entered the competition.

T his food is completely natural and normal as any other. It is though full of testosterone and minerals, and as such – in  combination with special spices – it is a pretty strong aphrodisiac. If you think that testicles have especially strong flavore or smell, you’re very wrong. This food dated from the beginning of human history and it has always been concidered a delicacy. Several countries in the world have a tradition of preparing such food. By modernisation and creation of fast food fenomena many old recipes and old meal have vanshed. The modern society conciders it shameful to eat meals that were delicacies in kings residences throughout Europe. Just imagine how many tonnes of testicles and various meat are being thrown away in the world – and so many people are starving. Steak, caviar, lobster, shrimps, shells – you eat all of that after you have already eaten something else, more concrete. Meals prepared of testicles you eat when you want to get full and encourage your libido.

W hen it comes to a very unusual name – World Testicle Cooking Championship, one thing is to be clearfied – this highly unique competition has nothing to do with any kind of vulgarity. There’s no stripping of clothes, naked bodies showing off, alcohol drinking competitions of any kind. Everything that happens, happens in the spirit of domestic positive atmosphere.

T he competition takes place in a beautiful rural environment of Serbia, by the river in the woods. And this is how the authentic way of preparing this dish is preserved. Cooks demonstrate their skill in the natural environment, without the use of any modern appliances and luxurious restaurant atmosphere. Skill and knowledge is only what matters and counts. Being a world champion in this discipline isn’t easy to accomplish.

J udging on the experience of the consumers, these specialties are an exceptional aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy.

W orld Testicle Cooking Championship is an ideal place for you to have fun, make new friendships, listen to good music, eat healthy food, camp in the peaceful, natural and non-polluted environment, where there’s no modern hotels and luxury, no arguments and fights.

D ishes made of 19 sorts of eatable animals’ testicles were presented: bull, tug, wild boar, stallion, shark, ostrich, kangaroo, donkey, rooster, turkey, goat, reindeer, elk, buck, deer, and,bear.

C ompetitors were making specialties of vegetables and spices, naturally grown without the use of pesticides. A very important is that there are no chemicals involved in the preparation of the dishes and everything is made in a natural way, as it was done in the distant past.

W orld Testicle Cooking Championship presents to public not only culinary skilled men, but generally all those who have the courage to show the world a completely new dimension of life and life’s values – people like: stuntmen, pilots, doctors, firemen, soldiers, parachutists, climbers as well as the ones who showed their courage by saving others people’s lives. All in all, people who have the balls to perform huge and difficult actions.

Anna Wexler



“Balls Village “

The environment where the contest is
organized includes also:
music, drinks, and promotional activities
for homemade aphrodisiacs and accessories
for a healthy sex life (nuts, honey, whole nuts,
peanuts and special herbs)

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