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World Testicle Cooking Championship

Stimulates Sexual Energy

W hen it comes to a very unusual name – World Testicle Cooking Championship, one thing is to be clearfied – this highly unique competition has nothing to do with any kind of vulgarity. There’s no stripping of clothes, naked bodies showing off, alcohol drinking competitions of any kind. Everything that happens, happens in the spirit of domestic positive atmosphere.

T he competition takes place in a beautiful rural environment of Serbia, by the river in the woods. And this is how the authentic way of preparing this dish is preserved. Cooks demonstrate their skill in the natural environment, without the use of any modern appliances and luxurious restaurant atmosphere. Skill and knowledge is only what matters and counts. Being a world champion in this discipline isn’t easy to accomplish.

J udging on the experience of the consumers, these specialties are an exceptional aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy.

W orld Testicle Cooking Championship is an ideal place for you to have fun, make new friendships, listen to good music, eat healthy food, camp in the peaceful, natural and non-polluted environment, where there’s no modern hotels and luxury, no arguments and fights.

T oday, the festival, a “cultural exchange” that celebrates testicles, food, and partying, spans three days – location, weather, and successful organisation permitting (it’s run entirely by volunteers) – and attracts between 1,000 and 4,000 people. Countries that have been represented include: America, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary and Iceland.

Powerful Aphrodisiacs

Stop Viagra & Cialis?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records:

“The world’s largest and longest-running testicle-cooking championship is the World Ball Cup, held each year since 2004 in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.” It’s estimated the amount of balls used at the 2011 event was around the 1000kg mark.


Charge of Positive Energy

As the festival itself is very amusing and cheerful, it is also an opportunity for good amusement and making friendships, in the spirit of the BallCup that is the least just cooking testicles. The publicity for the BallCup is really great and we already have an international touch, and many international participants in our history.

““I think there are a lot festivals all around the world that are much bigger and much more better known that aren’t half as interesting as this,” she said. “I mean, everyone is cooking testicles, of all things. And a lot of them are from countries where it isn’t actually common to eat testicles, which makes it all the more strange.”

Megan Hogarth from Tasmania,

Festival founder Ljubomir Erovic says

he’s happy to keep the event small while reaching out for maximum publicity. He says Serbia is working to shed its bad image from the violent breakup of Yugoslavia and it’s events like these he likes — to celebrate those that have the courage, or the balls, to be the underdog.
“You know, Swiss have cheese, Scots have scotch but we Serbians have balls,” he said.
Festival founder Ljubomir Erovic


General Rules of The Championship

In a very efficient way, people from various countries and cultures would present their national food, their culture, and “cross the swords” with other competitors from each corner of this planet. Do not think that it would be enough for the World Champion title to charm the jury, experts or public with the taste of your meal; much more is needed — original presentation of you and your team. This is very funny but in the same time serious cooking competition – think about it!

The championship is always heild on the first weekend after August 28th and lasts for three days. On the first day (Friday) BallsCup Camp is set up by the competitors. Beside this one, there’s another camp for the visitors who don’t want to participate, but to be part of it by testing the specialties and sharing their experiences or gaining new ones with the cooks.
On the following day (Saturday), in the afternoon hours the competition takes place, and the winners are announced. Visitors can enjoy the various music, and rock concert are held late in the evening.

Sunday is the day when everybody gathers around a feast prepared by the winning team, thus marking the end of the competition.
In the previous years of the BallCup existence, many different testicle delicacies were prepared. They were all very tasty and lot of effort and extraordinary coolinary skills have been invested in preparation of each of them. When you have the opportunity to watch the preparation of these meals, you begin to understand that testicle delicacies have great look, smell and taste. It is a meal that has been prepared since ancient times, served on European courts. Only testicles of eatable animals are used; so far we had testicle meals of 19 different animals: stallion, bull, ostrich, boar (hog), donkey, kangaroo, rabbit, deer, shark, ram… and, of course, swan (There’s an expression in Serbian: Muda od labuda, Balls of a swan, meaning)

The general impression of teams will be judged by the public and media. Curious visitors will be in charge of choosing the most stimulative delicacy, i.e. the one that works the best as an aphrodisiac. A team with the tastiest delicacy and, at the same time, the most original public appearance will become the BallCup champion . Besides the awards, the champion will get the cup that will remain with the team until it is challenged again to defend the title, at the next year’s WTCC.

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