If there is a place where to refrain from spelling out the proverb You are what you eat, it is Sumadija, the home of first international testicle cooking (and eating) competition.
Testosterone-rich testicles are a powerful aphrodisiac is ancient and popular in many places around the world.  Many  mens find it quite entertaining to take their wives to this  aphrodisiac event .The exact term for this element of the male physiology is, for some reason, considered to be shameful around the world. In their efforts to avoid it, people have come up with dozens of euphemisms, such as аnimelles, bulls’ jewels, cowboy caviar, rognons blancs (white kidneys), stones, prairie oysters and – as especially appropriate in this context, Chicken McNuggets.We interviewed the festival visitors, competitors, and those who have used the recipes from Erovic’s The Testicle Cookbook. Respondents, who ranged in age from 28 to 76, noted success in bed after consuming food from the testicles. Our female colleagues have discussed with the fairer sex. Before going to bed with partner, woman knows what the partner ate. The answer of success in bed is brief diplomatic: “It was different.” We will not publish detailed experiences.

Spectator Cornelius Vermeer, a Dutchman from Amsterdam, traveled to Serbia especially for this event. As he slams down one bowl and digs into another, he says he can’t wait to try them all.
“I want to taste it here. They have a few — like from the cow, from the pig,” he said. “I have tried this one — I don’t know what it’s called but it’s very good.”

Testicle specialties are an extremely strong aphrodisiac; they improve libido, awaken primal instincts, and give men strength.

“Full stomach, penis rises” in itself has quite the truth. Healthy food is a way to better sex.

This is the he way to better sexual life through food and not drugs !

It doesn’t works just mechanically but holistically – it also gives you this glowing , nice feeling in your body and your mind.

Testicles dishes can be alternative to synthetic drugs like Viagra.

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